Growing up like most little girls I played in my mom’s perfume as a child. I had specific fragrances I’d wear while playing dress up, at night after a bath, by the time I was 13 I already had an everyday scent ( Ralph Lauren EAU DE Toilette). To this day anytime I smell Ralph Lauren it takes me back to being a kid and I’m flooded with memories. I became obsessed with body sprays from places like bath & body or Victoria Secret because that’s what I could afford at the time. I’ve now graduated to expensive, luxury, long lasting fragrances. I understand the role perfume Plays in completing an outfit and how a simple smell such as a fragrance can act as a Time Machine and take you back in time while flooding your head and heart with memories you may have forgotten about. And that is what I aim it do with my fragrance and brand 10.14 i’m bringing you luxury long lasting affordable fragrances that will serve as memories for a lifetime.